Love Is

In Uganda, members of the gay and transgender community face discrimination, violence, arbitrary arrests and forced evictions simply because of who they love. 

This was my first collaboration with journalist and photographer Katie G. Nelson.

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  • National Geographic Shortfilm Showcase, 2016

  • MNTV Official Selection 2017

  • MNTV Walker Showcase

  • Free Range Film Festival

  • Festival lle Courts

  • Kashish Mumbai Queer Film Festival

  • 300 Seconds Short Film Festival

  • Wicked Queer Film Festival

  • KASHISH Mumbai International

  • Queer Film Festival. 2017

  • BASS2017: EDGE OF AFRICA, 2017

  • Baltimore International Black Film Festival, 2017

  • San Francisco International Museum of Art, 2018


All photos by Katie G. Nelson